grey ghost at heaven 7-2-2005

sittin by the tracks
Originally uploaded by lonesome cowgirl.

the perfect temperature for sitting outside next to train tracks in chicago. it was july 2nd and we had a combination cookout and concert at the heaven gallery in wicker park. we started cooking food around 6pm – brian labycz brought burgers & short ribs, i brought veggie burgers, corn, potato salad & other stuff. it was the good time hanging out on the back roof of heaven & out of the direct sunlight. there was a ping pong table set up on the adjaacent roof – crawford played alot.
the music started at 9 – brian labycz played an electroinc duet with vadim sprikut; fred lonberg holm used his cello as a sounding board for electronic gadgets, and grey ghost played a set which felt very good. we’ve really gotten to a good spot in being familiar with each other to be able to trust each other in improvising & being able to react to each other in a way that each is independent while maintaining a dialogue.
this weekend was full of things going on – after the show we headed to the beachland for drinks, and after that i went on a late night bikeride to old town and bike – summer bike rides at 4 am are great…..


2 thoughts on “grey ghost at heaven 7-2-2005

  1. yah…jerk…what about my awe-inspiring double chocolate brownies?! always taking the credit….

  2. I’m sorry – Jen brought the most deliccious chocolate brownies and everyone ate them up super fast, (especially the mooching folk that didn’t bring anything to contribute – the kind that Jen likes the least!)

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