dragons 1976 empty bottle 6-20-2005

dragons 6-20-2005 2
Originally uploaded by dragonseventysix.

the last dragons show for a while – we played on monday night at the bottle, it was one of there free shows, meaning that a good amount of people came, because for some reason it’s so much more enticing for people to go to a show that’s free as opposed to a tuesday night at the bottle when it’s $3… anyhow, we split the bill with two groups: an electronic duo Yea Big that played moderately boring beats & excruciating electronic squelches. my stomach was full from a BBQ seitan sandwich from the Handlebar, and I wasn’t prepared for the assault that reminded me of someone jabbing a toothpick into my ear. maybe if i was in a different mood….also Kill the vultures, a hiphop group that was aggressive and cocky, telling the crowd to “move the fuck up” and getting all the friends who came to see us out of the bottle & home early. we played right in between these two acts, which was for the best really – it gave time for people to get there, and then they didn’t have to sit through too much bad music. we played on the floor, thought he other groups played on the stage, it was nice, as the crowd surrounded us by sitting on the steps in the back & in front of the bar. it was nice & cozy. we played almost all the music that will be on our next studio album, and ended with “the way it is” by request of tim daisy. he’s always liked that song alot, and i do too, though sometimes i feel it’s a bit too pleasant – but if we play it right, we don’t need to worry about it. It was a good show for us – some friends came, Stuart Bogie & Toby Summerfield sat right up front. The crowd was listening, though there were some talkers in the back – it felt more like one of our out of town shows due to the diverse bill.


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