busy week in mid-may

things are being nice & busy here in may – and the weather is warming too – not, warm enough to be completely comfortable in t-shirt & shorts, but that is on the way, maybe…..regardless, it’s been busy here in chicago for me, so busy that i’m not getting the time to do this writing, not to mention i’ve been working on the computer more than typical also as i got some new gear, which once going, is going to make the computer so much easier to work with, i hope. on thursday the 19th I played at Rodan with Ajemian, Nori Tanka & Matt Lux. This was a good, I had dropped by the week before to see Jason & Nori play, mentioned to them we should play a few times together before I get out of town, and here we were, playing. Rodan wasn’t as loud as it normally is, thankfully, though still loud enough to make you know you can do what you like without worrying about if everything is golden. we played two sets late into the night, going between the loose to the solid beat driven sound that only an acoustic & electric bass can conjure.
on saturday night i played at the charleston with can-ky-ree; i had been there the night before to see matt schneider, jeb bishop, anton hatwich and tim daisy play some tunes – they had sounded good & it was a good night at the bar with shevitz pouring the drinks & me, brian dibblee, kevin davis, & benjamin balcom drinking them & finding anagrams of our names….playing with can-ky-ree was a good time. i’d had some time to practice with a recording of our last show so i felt much more confident with the music – learning the spaces that i can fill in & gettting a better playing style to go with the music. we played two sets to a room that alternated between being loud enough to make it hard for us to hear & applauding us strongly. we can blame both on the fact that people like to drink alchohol.
sunday was possibly the first truly beautiful day of 2005 here in chicago – it was sunny and in the mid 70’s – perfect weather to spend time leisurely outside, riding bikes, eating food, having beers, and whatnot. i went to vadim sprikut’s place in the evening around 7 to see kevin davis & woody sullender play – it was really great, they played in vadim’s living room – the windows were open so you could hear the sounds from the street, some musical magic happened when a push-cart ice cream vendor walked by, his bells creating a nice balance to the banjo & cello sounds. kevin played some really great stuff & was laying into his cello for awhile, sawing the shit out of it. i’m glad i saw them play – todd carter next played in the basement, a sound piece that was very quiet & well-paced….

last night (wednesday the 25th) i played again with can-ky-ree. it was a good show at the hideout with a fine turnout – i really like playing a the hideout, it’s too bad that they can’t find it economically feasible to have the jazz music. the audience was attentive which made me feel a bit more exposed on the clarinet. i also hadn’t any time early this week to run through the material. i wasn’t hearing things as well as i had on saturday, it seemed like every next note i was sure to play wrong – and i had only dry reeds….. but, i worked through it and there were some fine moments. i really do enjoy playing with that group. the songs that tom musick writes are easy to listen to but have just enough complexity to keep your mind moving.


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