rolldown empty bottle 5-18-2005

not been playing a ton lately, but have been playing with the good groups – last night played with rolldown – jason adasiewicz’s band with me, josh berman, jason roebke & frank rosaly. this is another group which should play more often but doesn’t. the personnel is familiar to playing with each other, but this group has all the music written by adasiewicz. we had the full night at the bottle on a wednesday night, i got there just a little early – around 9, we had a practice the day before but i brought in a chart of an old tune played by the shelton dibblee quartet – a group that stopped playing shows back in 2001. so, we ran through that chart real quick while setting up. before we played this fellow struck up conversation with me as he wanted to know when we were going to start – it was already after 10. turns out he’s a truck driver that moved to michigan from georgia, likes classic rock & free jazz. who’d of thunk. the musci was good & there was a good turnout for the first set – i guess it started feeling late – maybe we took too long of a break, but the second set while the music was even better, the crowd had dwindled to very few. oh well – the only thing i regret is we didn’t record it. all of these shows should be recorded, you never know when some good stuff is going to happen. berman sounded good – his range has improved alot – he was playing some high stuf that seemed pretty natural to come out – and shevitz was of course rockin the vibes, & jumping around a little for certain notes.
chad taylor was in town – even though he had to get a plane at 7:30 am today, he stayed for both sets and to hang afterwards.
the only bad thing was that in between sets someone knocked over the cup of water i had next to my horns and the water soaked my neckstrap – luckily the horns were okay. i always forget to bring my instrument stand – i should stop forgetting…..though then someone could just knock over my horn completely. maybe just put it in a safe place in between sets? what a novel idea.


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