shelton / boykin / ajemian / reed : hungry brain 5-8-2005

it was a strange weekend with weather fluctuations – in the 40s on saturday, in the 80s on sunday – chicago, you are a manic depressive weatherland. tonight played at the hungry brain with david boykin, jason ajemian & mike reed, we had played together before, and i looked forward to this show. all weekend long there were shows in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the founding of the aacm, reed & boykin played in the concerts, reed played the final concert which happened earlier in the night, so didn’t get to the brain until around 11:30, so we didn’t start until quite late. this time david brought his tenor & clarinet – i brought my alto. again the improvising felt really good – we really played as a group, not as individuals, & the crowd was really appreciative of the music – it’s interesting because david & i definitely have different styles, but they seem to work together well – giving each other room without being worried about stepping on the others’ toes if one of us takes the lead…
we didn’t finish until around 1:15 i think, pretty late for a sunday, no? it was surprisingly a pretty light night for the brain, as it was so warm outside, but probably an after effect of a weekend of free concerts by the aacm.


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