relay signals who cares how long you sink empty bottle 5-4-2005

a night of three groups at the empty bottle – all with shared personnel & slightly different aesthetics – it was also a record release for two records put out by lucky kitchen : relay signals & who cares how long you sink . I took part in both projects which were both recorded several years ago (2002 or 3?) – they’re finally seeing the light of day, which is good. it was a good night at the bottle, brought my clarinet & computer for the first set which was with tim daisy, jason ajemian, myself & ernst karel – the set was an additive process – tim started out solo, joined by jason, then me, then ernst – we all stayed acoustic, starting sparse & simple, until ernst was in for a bit, then we gradually turned to our electronic sides, moving to a wash with clotted noises coming out of the pa & ajemian’s amp, getting quite loud by the end…
ernst & kyle bruckman played an ekg set – great analog electronic sounds, slow moving, though stimulating textures -the electronics are interspersed with a bit of oboe, trumpet & english horn- they are very good at bringing out synthesized sounds that i’m envious of – they work really well together too –
who cares how long you sink played last – the group was comprised of eveyone who had played before plus amy cimini on viola & katherine young on bassoon. it was all acoustic – marimba, bass, viola, bassoon, alto, trumpet, oboe. all the pieces were written by ajemian awhile back when we were living on cortez street – it’s similar to matt bauder’s weary already of the way music, but a bit more minimal & chamber music like. we played four of the pieces combined into one suite – a good way to end the night.


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