shelton hess convey buck 3-26-2005

a saturday night & played at hotti biscotti, the place run by former nervous center stalwarts richard & ken syska. a few weeks ago i had seen steve hess play with an electric bass player joshua convey and wanted to get in on the action so set up this date for us to play. coinciding with this was a visit by thomas mejer from switzerland, he ended up playing in two groups that night, one with paul giallarenzo & fred lonberg-holm, another with fred, michael zerang and jim baker. i do like playing with steve and joshua – we had gotten together a few nights before to play – we share an aestheic towards the building style improvisations – tony buck is another foreigner visiting town – he’s a drummer that is best known for work with the band the necks, though he plays with lots of different folk including the band the ex. he played with joshua & me for a while & it was really good – jsut leapt into it & it was good. by the time we were finished a good crowd had showed up – it was a good time. after the last band had played thomas busted out a bottle of absinthe he had brought over form switzerland. apparently they just made it legal to buy there. strong stuff for sure – tastes like sambuca, but i didn’t get any halluciantions, so maybe it wasn’t the real thing.


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