flockterkit renaissance society 3-14-2005

this was the first time in awhile for flockterkit to play a concert & it was in the perfect space. the renaissance society is at the university of chicago; it is a gallery space which focuses on contemporary art, and every now and then has concerts. this one featured flockterkit and a group from new york called the z’s; which is a double trio of two drummers, two saxophonists, and two guitarists. for this concert the the flockterkt lineup was slightly changed: ernst karel, fred lonberg-holm, jason robek and myself were joined by steve hess who replaced the very busy frank rosaly, steve fit in nicely, his style of playing fits the aesthetic of the group and his background in more rock type music gives a nice edge to the drum parts. the space is very reverberant, so all of the long tones that we play in flockterkit were able to ring out and the clean tonality of the pieces filled out the room. we also had the pa speakers spread out to opposite ends at the back of the room, behind the audience, to have surround sound.
the z’s started loud – and unfortunately for them , the room doesn’t really seem to work for the loud – the drums overpowered all the other instruments for the first few pieces – when they brought the total volume down, the music was quite good – a band somewhere between steve reich and prog rock….


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