saxophone / computer / electronics / drums myopic 2-28-2005

played with robb drinkwater and mike reed this night at the myopic bookstore. it was a good time – i brought my saxophone and computer along to do some processing; robb brought his homemade electronics and reed his drums. robb’s electronics are good – with them he seems to be pretty flexible as an improvisor, much more so than someone using a computer. we played with mike reed in the center, and with our electronic sounds coming from opposite sides of the room – robb’s amp was next to me, mine next to him. i think this worked well & i’ll do it again. with this set up, it’s easier to hear your electronic sound in relationship to the rest of the group – when you have the amp right next to you, it can be hard to gauge your volume relative to the other musicians. we played really free, had moments of pretty intense loudness, and nice mellow quiet. i really liked how mike interacted with what i was doing on the computer. i’d like to do it again – jsut have to find the place to do it.


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