grey ghost 3030 impetus 2-20-2005

first time in awhile for grey ghost to play. tonight was a double bill with daniel givens at the 3030 space in logan square. i like the series that rai ichimiro is putting together, the impetus series, he is making good choices in terms of pairings – having diverse bills, and he works hard to make the concert worthwhile, he gets people out and puts together a cd-r of unreleased music by the folks playing as a gift to folk that come out. johnathan was out of town with head of femur for the week and half before, they were opening up with wilco down south – big shows, warm weather, what could be wrong? but, that meant we didn’t have time to get together beforehand, so this show was a to be a loose one. i felt like the first half of the set was pretty good – as we let the improvising be the most important part. it seemed once we got into some of the material we have, we tightened up, and there were some tenative moments. the end especially didn’t turn out the way it should. it’s a tricky group balancing different worlds of sounds and concepts of free improvisation and structured computer parts. we’ll play again on march 4th, i’m thinking it will be a good show.

daniel givens played with josh abrams and nicole mitchell – his music is based on precomposed electronic beat driven music, josh & nikki improvised along for the set; they were also playing accopmanied by a paul robeson movie: the emperorer jones i think it was. kind of a dark mood made by the black & white feel and the music – it was a good performance.


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