dragons 1976 atlanta, ga 2-8-2005

we keep finding ways to make our short drives into longer ones. we took a route into atlanta which hit no interstates during rush hour. so it took us between two & three hours to get to atlanta from athens….. we stopped in at my old friend gregg’s place – he’s staying with his sister for a bit – it’s nice to finally meet his sister who has lived the past 6 years abroad, first in toronto, then in moscow. we went on over to the eyedrum gallery around 8 or 9 – i didn’t really know what to expect in the show – we played there a year ago and it was allright – this time it seemed like setting it up wasn’t as solid. maybe my fault. two bands played before us – it was actually the first night we’ve played with other groups on this trip – unfortunately the bands seemed to be playing their first shows, or close to it. the first band was dominated by the lead singer/ keyboard player who was all about letting everyone know that he could sing and play piano. they played a very long set – probably an hour and a half. pretty tiring. rule #1 – if there isn’t a huge crowd and you’re the first band, it’s probably a good idea to not try to convince folk you’re the reason to be there by playing everything you know. i guess the good part of the first band playing for so long was that gregg & i got to hang out for awhile – there was a cool show at the space with all of these structures made with homeless folk in mind – we found a tent-type space that had a desk and writing paper, also a space heater – really a perfect place to be away from things. the second group was interesting, but the performance didn’t really keep you interested. they made music on computers, alot of the sounds coming from phone tones – a good idea – they probably would have been better off playing at a dance party of some kind. by the time we played alot of the folk that had come had already given up, we played maybe 45 minutes and were done sometime after 1 o’clock. a low key evening – went back to gregg’s and hit the beds.
the next day we went to this fish restaurant called six feet under because ross taylor’s brother lee had dropped off $40 worth of gift certificates at the eyedrum. the place was good – and actually lee showed up there and we got to hang out with him, a good guy – into real estate – the food was great – i had blackened catfish and key lime pie –


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