dragons 1976 athens, ga 2-7-2005

so, a day off and then a nice drive to athens, georgia, a place i’ve not been to before but have heard much about. we got in right at sundown, we had a show set up for us at the 40 watt club, it was just to be us playing 2 sets, a monday night, my expectations weren’t so high. after getting some good coffee and taking a walk i got the feeling that athens is really a music town – it seems people take it pretty seriously there – i just got a sense about it. we went and got some dinner at the restaurant next door to the 40 watt, had plenty of time to relax and warm up. i was really surprised with the turnout & the reception – about 70 people came and stayed for both sets – athens has a strange law that keeps a smoking ban until 11:00 pm, i could really tell the difference during our second set. i got to talk to a good amount of people afterwards, including bari, the owner of the club. she’s very nice- we talked politics – athens & atlanta are the only liberal spots in georgia, and they’re far outnumbered by the conservatives -basically it seemed like all the people that worked at the club were really into what we were doing, which gives me a good feeling for coming down again – we got out of the place around 1and went back to friend john’s place. slept in late in the morning, then went for breakfast at the grit – apparently a famous vegetarian joint – i had some really good gumbo with dumplings….


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