dragons 1976 columbia 2-5-2005

down in the south and feeling good about it. we had a nice short drive from greenville to columbia – the capitol of SC, the place where they have a statue of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, that beacon of american hope and equailty. our friend Ross Taylor always helps us out when we’re down here – we were headed to his place just on the edge of Cayce, driving by some folk walking on the side of the road and to our surprise it is our friend Anthony Mathile – he who has been working as video documentarian for the lieks fo the rolling stones and david bowie for the past 3+ years. wild coincidence, no? he was in town from Berlin for just a few days visiting his grandma – so we invited him & his girlfriend jessie to the show.

as we rolled up into Ross’s place he was working on some knife throwing – we tried a shake at it with different degrees of success – he made us a a great dinner that featured dichon radishes, tofu and hot stuff – Ross likes it hot for sure. we had a nice relaxing afternoon & evening, went over to the hunter gatherer around 8 or 9 to get going. it was a real good crowd, the standout was this guy jerry who introduced himself to us – a southerner of the tyed dyed harley davidson style. the most memorable part of the night for him was loooking at jason’s sketch book, declaring – y’all need some flames on that shit” and proceeding to put flames on it. a gem.

the bar closed up at midnight on saturday due to some crazy south carolina licensing fee paid for bars that choose to be open on sundays. so, we played two focused sets that got folk excited and left them satisfied.afterwards we went back to Ross’s place with a few folk including anthony & jessie – we all hung upside down in the stretcher Ross has before going to bed around 3.


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