dragons 1976 lexington 2-2-2005

mecca a
Originally uploaded by dragonseventysix.

our 2nd annual winter tour has begun. a year ago we went on a week and a half tour into parts of the southeast and after having a good time playing, and escaping the cold of chicago for a bit, we decided that it was something we should try to do again. lexington is one of the first places we always think of playing in because of one man – ross compton. he’s so into creative music & has a core group of people around him that have gotten this thing going in lexington that is good. i think the first show they had down there was the brotzmann tentet. imagine that – the brotzmann tentet playing a free show in a college town in the south, and hundreds of people coming out to check it out & it being successfull. everytime i come down to lexington it is a good show and i want to come back. saying all of that, our show was good – we played at the mecca dance studio, a place owned by theresa_____. we made the drive down from chicago in 6 hours under gray skies & through some snow – lexington’s weather can feel like chicago’s, but will rebound real quickly to the feel of the south. the place was full and we played two sets to a listening audience that showed their appreciation between and after our sets. we played very well in the room that had nice natural reverb tempered by the amount of people in the space. it was a great way to start the tour.
we woke on thursday in lexington, picked up our equipment at mecca and grabbed a bite to eat at ross’s place gumbo ya-ya’s – a poster on the wall announcing the sun ra arkestra playing that weekend in lexington. ross is busy, getting the sun ra arkestra down for a mardi gras parade…..


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