dragons 1976 knoxville 2-3-2005

p light
Originally uploaded by dragonseventysix.

we headed out of lexington towards knoxville, tennessee – not a long drive, and an easy one on the highway, but it was pretty foggy, so there wasn’t much to see. we pulled into the old city part of knoxville around 6 or so, and had some time to kill, so checked out a coffee shop, then talked to kevin davis on the phone, who was in town from chicago visiting his folks. he recommended a pizza place, we tired unsuccessfully to find the place, then headed back to the old city and went to a different pizza place that was pretty good. we went to the pilot light and regina was there, we spent a good hour or so just practicing and relaxing a bit. the pilot light reminded me of a small empty bottle – dark walls, no windows, a good place for late night creativity. i was a bit skeptical at first, but we did get a good crowd in there, they were really listening and into the music. i think it was in the second set – someone kept making exclamation’s like “play that bass” “play that saxophone” “play those drums”, then, in a few minutes a fellow comes up to the stage and puts three bouquets of long stem flowers at our feet and then walks off. turns out it was this fellow leslie that sells the flowers at clubs, but he was so into the music that he gave us the flowers….we had a multitude of choices of places to stay for the night – we split up a bit – jason and i stayed at regina’s place – a nice house with some cats and a dog named fahey. people down in the south really like pets – it’s cool because they have the space for them to roam around a bit. in the morning we woke to warmth – well, warmth for chicagoans, it was probably in the 50’s but with the light streaming in on a clear day we could comfortably sit outside. we made some tacos with eggs, spinach, mushrooms, potato hash, and guacamole.


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