dragons 1976 greenville 2-4-2005

to greenville
Originally uploaded by dragonseventysix.

the drive to greenville from knoxville (picture is on the drive) was only to be 3 hours, but we found a way to make it 5. we had an idea of taking that raod that goes through the middle of the smoky mountains – unfortunately it was friday afternoon and it seemed alot of people were headed that way to go to dollywood and the skiing areas (though i’m not sure if skiing is happening down here right now – there’s no snow on the ground). so that took a bit, then we stopped in asheville, which is right on the way, to pick up jason’s friend keith, who lives in a beautiful old house. got into greenville around 7, and got to the place to play which is the bohemian cafe, an upscale place that shares a building with horizon records, which our man gene berger owns and operates. we went out for some food with gene and back to the cafe, which was packed, to start playing close to ten. apparantly greenville has been waiting for some music like this to come to town. the crowd was mixed, but mainly younger folk – 20’s & 30’s – we played our music and the people loved it – such a great response for a town that has never really had music like this performed live in it before. as i kep[t talking to more people after the show, including trip, the owner of the cafe, it dawned on me that these people are open to different kinds of music, but they’re just never given the opportunity to see it. it’s a great thing to be able to come to a place and do something new for them.
there were some talkers, but the majority of place was attentive and into it – it took us a long time to get out of the place and up to gene’s house were we relaxed in front of the fire and had some delicious carrot cake made by barb, gene’s wife. it’s really something coming into different people’s lives and getting a glimpse of how they live. gene has run a record store for 30 years, has a nice home in a nice neighborhood with trees all around – a listening room to listen to his passion – classical music – they have a son who is a bass player who is in school in new york ..in the morning we woke up slow and they made us breakfast of eggs, grits, potatos and fresh baked bread. good times.


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