grey ghost hungry brain 12-19-2004

when it’s this cold, you don’t expect anyone to come to see you play, but then people do come, and it is good. it was 5 degrees when i woke up in the morning – it didn’t seem that bad when i went outside at first, but it actually was that bad. trust me.

anyhow, grey ghost played for the first time in a wee bit in town. we’ve been able to get together alot to work on new things, and we’re starting to make some headway – i think our goal right now is to have a good chunk of material ready so that when we play, we can be loose with our forms and bring things in when they feel right. i’m still using max/msp mainly for live sampling and manipulation, but am using reason more for synthesized sounds and sequences – the great thing about reason is the fact you can layer the hell out of a piece and remove parts & re-add them as you wish pretty simply. lots of possibilities – the dark side of reason is the ease with which you can make really bad music. …

i liked how we played – a long set with a few breaks, couldn’t tell how well it was received – some folks were talking up front – but most were listening – a good time.


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