mcbride / lonberg-holm / rosaly / shelton empty bottle 12-14-2004

it’s finally cold here in chicago – who’d of thunk? nate mcbride recently moved into town from boston and he asked me to try to work on a group with him, fred lonberg-holm & frank rosaly. i said yes of course – nate is a great bass player and a top notch fellow, so playing with him is a good time, as well as challenging. the tunes he writes has so much looseness in their form that it truly is a challenge to remember where you are & what can possibly happen next. luckily we had two long rehearsals for this date – though we still were too loose for some of those forms. it was two sets at the empty bottle on a tuesday night – i had my work holiday dinner earlier in the night, but thankfully i didn’t eat too much – almost, but not quite – a couple cups of coffee and i was ready to play. the first set we came out with alot of energy, i felt really good playing, it seemed like the first time in awhile that i got to play some music that was really wide open. nate’s music tends to have alot of energy in it – which i like, and don’t get to do so often.

we took a short break, some guys from the air force band were there – in town for some conference – pretty strange that guys in the air force band are into free jazz… vandermark was there – he’s going to back in town for several months now – we talked about graduate schools; i’ve been thinking of applying to some, but am really torn as to where a program is that would really suit what i want to do. deadlines are fast approaching and i need to make some sort of decision.

the second set was good as well – it was a little hard for me to hear fred at times, but there was alot of good improvising going on – nate and i had a nice bass & clarinet duo; hope fully we’ll be able to play some more and record some of the music.


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