quartet at charleston 12-3-2004

tonight i played at a bar called the charleston in bucktown with anton hatwich on bass, nori tanaka on drums and matt schneider on guitar – i played alto. we played tunes – mainly by thelonious monk, but some standards and one orenette tune – turnaround, not really my most facvorite ornette tune, mainly because it’s basically a blues – not an open tune like most of his. i don’t mind playing blues, but i love ornette’s music so much, i’d rather just play it open. the monk tunes are great to play – they all have his particular characteristics stamped on them – good feels, & simple melodic statements that leave lots of room for interpretation. we played two sets – playing at the charleston is a good time – it’s a small bar, and people are just hanging out, it’s friday night, you play in the middle of the room with people only a few feet away – people have their choice of listening intently or not, everybody gives you some money if they want to, you play with no pressure, have a few drinks and spend the night enjoying yourself…


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