dragons 1976 Impetus 12-5-2004

Dragons 1976 played for the first time since our tour and show at the Phrenology Fest. These fellows Raiichiro Iijima & Brad Loving put on a concert series called Impetus, which matches up good music from different genres onto the same bill. The concert was at 3030, and the other groups were Matt Leer, a singer/guitarist from Texas and Bear in Heaven, a group from NYC. This goes to prove once again that the best wayto have a good show is to have people dedicated to getting the word out and promoting it, while also including good music. The show started around 8:30, and there was a good crowd – Matt Leer started things out, he played solo, making good use of a variety of pedals and looping devices to create a big sound. We played the middle set and I felt really good about it – we had the chance to have a few rehearsals before the date, and it really helps – I also had the chance to make a little adjustment to my horn, so the low notes were coming out much easier. We played four songs, with lots of improvsing throughout to bridge the spaces in between. It felt good and we had a good response from the other musicians and people in the crowd. Bear in Heaven played last – they’re normally a six piece band, but only two of their members could make it out to Chicago for the show – they used samples and triggers to flesh out the sound – but even with the stripped down performance, I really liked the music – lots of interesting rhythms, good textures – melodic songs. Not trying to be too much – a good thing.

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