broste quintet 3030 12-2-2004

so it was a thursday night at 3030, and i was to play with nick broste’s quintet – unfortunately, only four of us showed up – frank rosaly forgot about the gig, even though he was playing in two groups that were scheduled for the night. it was a quiet night, but relaxing – jim baker, anton hatwich and paul hartsaw did some trio improvisations – baker’s work on the arp synthesizer is so right on right now – i really like watching him play that instrument – the interface is great – lots of knobs and controls – signal routing and all of that – here’s a picture:


our set went well – nick on trombone, myself on alto and bass clarinet, anton on bass and kevin davis on cello. actually with frank not being there it was nice to be playing with all harmonic instruments – we concentrated on the tones and had a nice feeling throughout. one of these days broste’s quintet will have a gig where everything works out -one time nick couldn’t show up because he got stranded in another town with a wrong plane flight….


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