second citizens hideout 11-22-2004

So the second citizens returned to the hideout to play our last monday night there. We thought that we were done with the mondays with the close of October and hadn’t shown up two weeks ago, but got a message saying “where were you guys” from our guy Ryan Hembrey who helped us out in booking the shows….a bit of a mis-call. The good thing about not playing on mondays anymore is that we are going to get a wednesday night show there in december – it is a better night and i’m looking forward to it.

Fred was not in town for this night, and Frank had other engagements, so the group was me, Keefe, Josh & Anton with Mike Reed sitting in on the drums. We had a good time playing – I think we’ve played the music so much now that we can do alot of things to the music very comfortably. Dave Rempis and Tim Daisy played a duo set up front – they play very well together – Dave sounds great on the baritone saxophone.


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