solo laptop then duo AC 11-21-2004

i was asked to make some music at an installment of vadim sprikut’s house series called AC. i’ve been working on a piece for 2 clarinets, bass clarinet and piano and computer; so decided to try it out at this concert. i’ve been working on the piece for about a week now; i’ve recorded in all the parts to protools and made a patch in MSP to work with the audio – rearranging the parts and attempting to turn it into something else. i feel there are alot of possibilities to explore, but this all takes time. i had some success earlier in the week, but felt like i kind of hurried myself along at the performance – which isn’t all that unexpected i suppose. it was a good environment to work on the piece – i need to experiment more with the piece and write things down which work better in order to finalize it as a composition.

brian labycz also performed – he first did a kind of tape piece – though it was on a computer. we all listened to the piece through headphones, which was especially nice as brian used the possibilities of the spatial environemtn to good effect. he used what soudned like field recordings – but indoor ones. at one point vadim had to go answer the door – i almost thought that brian had pre-recorded such an encounter and put it into the piece – but i was wrong.

we played together after our solo pieces – we both worked with samples – and i think brian was taking a feed from me, which was a bit tricky to deal with – i felt the need to stay ahead of him so we wouldn’t be working with the same material too much. it was a good challenge and a good night.


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