grey ghost iowa city 11-13-2004

so johnathan and i headed out west for one night – a saturday night. it wasn’t our firt trip to iowa city – we played there a few years ago when we had first started playing together as grey ghost – johnathan went to school out there and knows plenty of folk – it’s kind of funny as we walk through the streets because he sees people he knows driving by cars or going into a bar – and it’s never a huge deal that they haven’t seen each other in awhile, it’s just kind of like he’d been gone a week or so. we played at a place called the glass lodge which had a killer ceiling:


the glass lodge makes it money selling glass pipes, they make their own pipes, so they have very few costs, and instead of having a real dorky looking headshop with tye-dye and other hippie shit, they keep most of the room open to hang artwork and have crafts made by local artists – it’s a good place i’d say. the funy thing to happen early on was the big guy with a shaved head who came in wearing a duster and started asking about if any of us knew anybody that he could smoke with – huh? was he the most dim-witted undercover cop of all time? or can someone really be so desperate……

so, to the music – the night was a gallery opening as well as a show – so the place was filled up for all the music – some friend’s of johnthan’s played – tim who sang & played guitar, his guitars had some nice attachments on them which made interesting feedback style sounds; ed gray played with johnathan and this guy peter sat in on a wild saxophone solo for the last song whil keeping his young son on his shoulder (i’ll have a picture up soon) – never thought i’d see a sax solo with a kid in tow…. we played a short set that went well – got alot of good compliments afterwards…. the show was over by ten, so we went out after dropping our equipment off at tim’s place. first by this place gabe’s, where a terrible band played – i had to leave, so headed to the sanctuary, a bar where they have the jazz music, to see anton hatwich, frank rosaly and nate lepine play – a nice coincidence that they were in town the same night.

so a good night in iowa city – and another grey ghost sighting….


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