no music only election bulls**t 11-3-2004

ah, so it has come to this. i definitely do not feel good about the “results” of yesterdays general election determining if or not W would be able to push the rightwing agenda for another 4 years. but the american people have “spoken” and have decided that:

it’s ok that there wasn’t any threat from Iraq.

it’s allright to fight to protect those sacred oilfields.

it’s ok that our leader is an incompetent, poorly tongued faker who is from new hampshire but puts his ranch in texas on his sleeve.

it’s allright that the companies that the rpesident’s friends & family work for are benefitting greatly from no bid contracts

it’s ok that the christian conservative movement is hijacking the representative democracy

it’s allright to be a divider, not a uniter

there’s so much more that i’m not thinking clearly enough to put into words…..

as David Corn from the Nation says “there will be no good-bye to reckless preemptive war, an economic policy based on tax breaks tilted toward the wealthy, a war on environmental regulations, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, excessive secrecy in government, unilateral machismo, the neocon theology of hubris and arrogance, a ban on effective stem cell research, no-bid Halliburton contracts, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, and much more. Did I mention Dick Cheney?”

So what now? I have no idea. I had trouble sleeping last night. Jen & I stayed up for awhile wathching the returns come in after making some good stir fry with a sweet & sour & spicy sauce; i was getting optimistic for a bit there especially after pennsylvania went kerry’s way – but florida seemed to fall to easy & then the ohio numbers started leaning bush’s way. i turned off the tv right after peter jennings said, we’re going to put ohio in the bush column. i knew i wasn’t ready for bed – but also knew that continuing to watch wouldn’t get anything done. that was the worst thing – feeling utterly powerless about something which has the power to affect my daily mood for a long time to come. it would be nice to be able to block out politics, but the bush gang are so opposite to my convictions on almost every issue that it just angers me to hear their voices or see their faces and expressions – their superiority complex is amazing – that’s why they won this election – their smugness rubs off on the obvious majority of this nation who are undereducated, live sheltered lives and pampered in an american way of life whose greates hardship is a car break down or a bad haircut.

it really boils down to the fact that there are so many people in this coutnry that get spoon fed from the time they are born on a steady diet of consumerism, sensationalism, sports, and the great faith that american’s, no matter what they do, how many people they kill, no matter how much oil they suck up, no matter how much nepotism, cronyism & racism is shown to be present in our society – we’re still the best country in the world and our people are the most moral & best.

but thankfully, about 52 million other people hate george w like i do. well, maybe not hate him, but don’t like him or his policies.

maybe another 4 years of this guys is best for the country – i’ve felt for a long time that’s it’s got to get a lot worse before it can get better – things are just too easy in this country – people forget how many things there are in this coutnry that are taken for granted.

someone said to me a few days ago – the best thing about w winning again is that he’d have to clean up his own messes. well, he pobably won’t clean them up, but at least he won’t be able to push off the blame.


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