kessler quartet 10-28-2004

a quiet night at the 3030. played with kent kessler’s quartet – he plays the bass, fred lonberg hom plays cello, jeb bishop plays trombone and i play alto and clarinet. it’s a nice group. the only time we had played before was at the empty bottle festival of improvised music back in the spring – i think the best thing about the group is the improvising – though i also think that sometimes the improvising was a bit hurried, trying to get to another spot quickly instead of lingering in certain places. but maybe it’s good to do that in a group. most groups i play in i strive for the improvising to develop over time, maybe in this group i should be content with staying active and changing things up almost constantly, make it a real workout. we’ll see. the concert had to start early because there is some neihgbor on the block who has been complaining alot about the noise coming from the church. i think it’s pretty ridiculous, the music is never that loud – it’s not like it’s a rock club or anything. some people just love to complain – what can you do about it?

today it’s really warm – which is strange for this late in october in chicago – i’m ready for it to cool down so i can bundle up in some layers…. election is on tuesday – i’m a getting a nervous feeling….


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