second citizens hideout 10-25-2004

monday night rolls around, you’re tired from getting up early and going into work from 9 to 5 where you don’t move around so much so you’re body is sluggish. you’ve got a gig to play, but only after you go and see some folk play music at myopic books… this happens to me on mondays when i play the hideout – but it kind of feels like every monday i get no rest – but that’s not really that bad as it’s the only real hectic day of my week & most of the hecticness comes from playing music, which really isn’t that bad at all. anyway….

played at the hideout with the second citizens this night – it was the first time i’d play with the citizens for about a month as i was out of twon when they played last. it might be the last time we play at the hideout for a good long while, but we will see… we had a very low turnout, which is frustrating, but it is a monday night, and if i have a hard time getting motivated to go play on monday night, i can definitely understand why other folk don’t want to go out to see music (it’s after the weekend, you’ve gone out a bunch, spent you’re money, and now you’re expected to go out again?) keefe has been asking folk to do an opening set – he asked paul hartsaw to do something, he ended up playing with frank and matt bauder who was in town for 2 days – but i really don’t think the night needs another group. i think 2 sets of a sextet is enough for people to handle.

we played our set and had a fine time playing, but decided to do just one set as it felt like a rehearsal. funnny thing was right when we finished all these folks start coming through the door – about 20 people – turns out it was the entourage of two members of REM, who had played earlier that night in town. if they’d been asked to donate money as they came in, i guess we would have played more, but they weren’t asked, so we packed up and left. just the luck of the draw i suppose….


One thought on “second citizens hideout 10-25-2004

  1. oh my god….you have to work a full day on monday? how do you do it? that must take an incredible amount of energy and will power. ha ha ha…i do that everyday. wuss.

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