dragons 1976 ann arbor 10-22-2004

house late

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so dragons hit the road for the last time for a little bit. we headed about four hours out of town to ann arbor, a place dominated by a university, but with a good music scene. our drive out there was fine, when we got to the canterbury house, where there is a concert series, we loaded up our things and then grabbed some falafel for dinner. big falafel sandwich from jerusalem garden, it was good, but i could’ve used some spice.

matt bauder was in town and he & ajemian played a duo set first. they used their concept of recording long tones into minidisc recorders and then having the minidiscs played back in a random shuffle to create accompaniment.

after a real short break dragons played a set – it was pretty good, i think we played better than earlier in the week at the brain. i feel more comfortable playing in front of new audiences than ones where i know folks in the crowd. i like something about them not having heard me before…

afterwards we went to a martini bar with bauder to see some folks playing jazz. we ended up sitting in on some tunes – i played matt’s tenor for a solo – it was a good time.

we spent the next day hanging out in ann arbor, played some football, got some veggie dogs and saw our friend stewart bogie play with antibalas at a club called the blind pig which had bathrooms in a basement that smelled like vomit. ah, wonderful.


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