flockterkit candlestickmaker 10-16-2004

ernst candle

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Flockterkit is a quintet, using the acoustic and electronic sounds. Ernst Karel on trumpet & analog electronics; Jason Roebke bass; Fred Lonberg-holm cello; Frank Rosaly drums; Aram Shelton on alto, bass clarinet and computer.

The group is composition based, with a fair amount of improvising. the electronics come in from time to time – the goal isn’t to fill in as much space as possible with different sounds, but more to use all these different sounds at our disposal to create interesting music. We played tonight at the
Candlestick Maker, a space kept going by Michael Zerang up on Kedzie and north of Montrose. It’s a samll room that can fit up to about 20 – we filled up the stage with our instruments pretty easily. It was the third time that this group has performed and it felt very good, there was alot of looseness and some great improvising.


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