pilsner saxophone quartet jazz record mart 10-16-2004

mejer jrm

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this afternoon i played with the pilsner saxophone quartet at the jazz record mart, dowtown on wabash ave in river north. the quartet is me on alto, guillermo gregorio on alto, keefe jackson on tenor and thomas mejer (in the picture) on contrabass saxophone, or as the maker horn calls it, the tubax. we all met mejer when he was living here for four months – the swiss government keeps sending us these great guys that play great music – anyhow, we he had lived here we put together the quartet – each of us brought in a piece and we played a few times at the 3030 and at the HotHouse. Thomas came for a short visit so we put together another performance. It was a good day to do it – blustery and chilly for october – perfect for coffee and playing music indoors. The pieces are varied; guillermo’s is more chamber, keefe’s is more jazz; mine’s real repetetive; and mejer’s works with the extended technique. playing at the mart is real loose, so in some ways it feels like an open rehearsal. afterwards guillermo, thomas and i got lentil soup and falafel at sultan’s market in wicker park. those guys are class acts – guillermo being from argentina originally, older and has lots of interesting things to talk about with his experiences. thomas is a sweetheart i’d say – has a great outlook on things and really enjoys whatever it is he’s doing. hopefully will see him sometime overseas.


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