dragons 1976 takoma park, md 10-8-2004

this night we played at the sangha cafe in takoma park, which is just outside of washington dc. after way too much driving the day before, we were treated to only a 45 minute drive from baltimore. i actually got to spend the whole day with my brother nate, sister theresa, brother-in-law jeremiah and niece deva at there place in catonnsville, md. it was great seeing them as i haven’t really seen them in more than a year. that’s one great aspect of touring, you get to see old friends and family and have mini-visits you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to do.

nate drove me down to takoma park around 8 o’clock and i met up with the dragons. our show didn’t start until ten, so we waited in the van and listened to the second presidential debate. george w bush needs to get voted out of office in a few weeks. that’s all i’m going to say.

the sangha cafe is a nice performance space and the series put on by transparent productions is a good one – all the money goes to the performers, and they get some upper talent playing there. we played two sets and weren’t super on, the audience was really good – talked to some folk in between sets that were very complimentary. we decided not to stay the night in town so drove the two hours to charlottesville, virginia. it’s nice to do a shorter drive like that at night cause you get the whole next day in the place you’re headed to.


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