dragons 1976 pittsburgh, pa 10-10-2004


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the final date of the tour. we had a nice drive from virginia to pittsburgh, though we did get held up in a small town which was having some festival right on the main drag, causing all the passerbys to slow down, backing up the traffic on the two lane road. but, the weather was fine and we got into pittsburgh in the early evening.

we played at the
garfield artworks, there were these great large scale pieces on the walls. created from old billboard parts – it really highlighted the length of the room. we played one longer set with alot of improvisation after ben opie (reeds) and eden mcnutt (voice) did an improvised set. once we were done, i ran into an old friend that new me from back in gainesville mainly through the usuals.

we relaxed that night, tim and i went to some diner for food, in the morning got to see a bit of pittsburgh. i like pittsburgh, it’s got all these amazing large, old houses that look abandoned – it’s in the mountains and there are large bridges over the rivers – it’s visually striking. i’ve heard it’s cheap too.


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