dragons 1976 charlottesville, va 10-9-2004

lighted shelves

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it seems that every time we go on the road we go by charlottesville, and every time i go i like the town more. jason’s friend patrick set up a show for us at the twisted branch, which is a tea house on the second floor of a building in the downtown walking mall area. it’s a cool place – lots of tea of course, and they serve it in nice tea pots, different types depending on the tea you get. we played two sets – the first one we kept pretty straight up, playing our songs one at a time, focusing more on ones that stay in time. why so? there were alot of little kids – children of jason’s family & friends – and we wanted to give them something to dance to as last time we were here the kids really liked it (or they listened to some recordings or something). it was nice in between the sets because the kids were real curious about the instruments – i showed them how a saxophone works as they were especially interested in it.

the second set we stretched out more and got into more improvisational sections where we got into musical moments. the audience seemed to be even more into this, which is pretty surprising. it’s pretty cool when people really get something out of the music you wouldn’t expect them to. the fact that you can play some music people have never heard before and they respond favorably towards it gives you hope about if your music is relative to the greater musical tradition. the tradition of music as a cultural activity which can affect people emotionally, not just a subjective art form where people respect your musicianship but are ambivalent towards the music.


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