dragons 1976 baltimore, md 10-7-2004

charm lights

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a monster drive day – left montreal at 9 AM and didn’t get to baltimore until 8:30 – that’s alot of driving – it was much longer than we were expecting – the internet directions (which you can’t really completely trust) said the drive would be 8 1/2 hours – way wrong.

the place we played at was
An Die Musik Live in downtown baltimore – charm city as some call it – it seems like the place usually has classical music concerts, but i guess the manager who is doing the booking, Sang Cho, is trying to get more jazz and free music happening there. the room is a nice one with high ceilings and comfortable chairs for the audience. we played two sets along with this other group, Trockeneis, which was put together by audrey chen, another dragon who we had met last winter while on tour in the south. she is a vocalist and cellist, really active in european style improvisation – little sounds, lots of different timbres, very abstract. we’ve been playing pretty consistently well – this night we got to dig a little deeper into longer improvisational sections where we get into an almost drone-thing, but more just long form improvising with out any rhythms. to me when we get to these spots it feels more like time as stopped entirely, which i think is very interesting. it makes the music more of a moment, and less performance. we’ve been using these sections to move from one song to the next.

afterwards henry, the owner, and sang took us out to eat a large chinese family style dinner along with the other group and doc manning, who interviewed me on the radio earlier in the week to promote the show. the dinner was amazing, the huge plates of food kept coming out of the kitchen even though it was after midnight when we got there. unfortunately for me most of the dishes had meat in them (i don’t eat the flesh) but i still had my fair share of vegetable, tofu and other sides.


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