dragons 1976 toronto, ontario 10-4-2004

shelton toronto

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after a nice day off in syracuse we headed over the border to toronoto, ontario. the drive was fine, we stopped at niagara falls after getting over the border with no problems. i’ve been to the falls twice before, but have never seen them from the candaian side – the view is much better. took alot of pictures, but we didn’t stay too long. it always seems strange to me to go to a place which is just amazing and awe-inspiring for an hour and then turn around and go away.

got into toronto around 6, and loaded our things into the new works studio which is run by mike hansen. ajemian and i grabbed a bite to eat – some asian food with mock meat which was pretty good and returned to the studio.

the show, which was arranged pretty last minute, turned out allright. we played two sets and met alot of good people. i would say that we weren’t super on that night, the highlight seemed to be “last night” which we played at the end of the first set.

afterwards we went out to some bars open late with robin & rebecca, two folk who helped ron gaskin run the show. the funniest things that happened at the bar was the drunk woman letting everyone know how drunk she was – & us making fun of her…


One thought on “dragons 1976 toronto, ontario 10-4-2004

  1. hi, sorry I didnt make your gig here in toronto. I seem to remember it being a cold night and I was exhausted. Gaskin hipped me to your blog. I got to know the other guys in Dragon l976 a bit hanging out at Triage gig. (rempis crashed at my place)

    glad to have another blog to read like mine: guildwoodrecords.blogspot.com

    I will be reading!


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