dragons 1976 syracuse, ny 10-2-2004


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second date of the tour and a good one to boot. we drove the five hours to cleveland under cloudy skies with rain hitting the windshield. fall is here along with cold fronts. we got into syracuse around 6 o’clock and went to the spark gallery. where our show was set up for. the spark is near the center of town, kind of in a quieter neghborhood. we met ryan tebo at spark, he helped us by putting together the show and by being a tremendously nice fellow. he had us over to his house where his fiance, sajel, had made us a really top-notch dinner of indian food. we were also joined by heath hamlin, a professor at syracuse university who was to join us that night by doing live video to one of our sets. we had a good conversation and got off on the right foot.

we went back to the gallery around 9 and set up for the show, people were already in the gallery checking out the photographic and video art, it was a good scene. we played two sets, the first alone and our regular thing. the audience was great, everyone listened, the applause was extended. after a break we played another set, this one almost completely improvised – heath manipulated video of whales diving in the ocean. he had gotten footage from national geographic. the dragons improvised a long form piece, eventually moving into the piece drifting – it was a cohesive set and again the audience was great.

talked to alot of follk afterward who really enjoyed the music. the audience seemed to be either students or teachers at SU. we came back to ryan and sajel’s house, drank wine and talked late into the night. can’t wait to come back.


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