dragons 1976 montreal, quebec 10-5-2004

into the french speaking part of this continent! getting to montreal was a fine drive, the rolling hills of eastern ontario are nice scenery in the late afternoon sun. we got into montreal after dark and after meeting up with jason’s friend monica, we went to a small cafe for some food. i had some veggie chili with fromage which was very good, but a cup of coffee which was not. we played at a space called the electric tractor – it’s a multi-use space where they have shows and do screen printing and i’m sure other things. seems similar to buddy (but with a proper stage) or the truckstop building in chicago.

we played the best music of our tour so far. we arranged our sets differently than before – we played our songs, but with improvising in between each one to create a continuous piece. it worked well for us. the thing is is that we are used to played more minimal style improvisations together as we worked on that kind of music together when we were doing unclocked a few years ago. we had alot of good moments, quiet ones & loud ones, and it felt good when we would go back into time after being without time for extended periods. a good show.

afterwards we went back to monica’s place to drop our things off, then tim & i went over to the casa del popolo for a drink. it was a rock crowd in montreal. this city has a wonderful feel, it’s an old city too – founded by the french long before the states were the states.


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