dragons 1976 cleveland, ohio 10-1-2004

two dragons

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tonight dragons 1976 played at the asterisk gallery in cleveland, ohio. the drive from chicago was a long one – we ran into some bad traffic – i think there were two accidents we had to wait in traffic for. we ended up getting to the gallery around 8 o’clock, which wasn’t really that bad, but meant that we spent at least 7 hours in the van, when it should of been 6. we loaded in our things and then got some food at the next door deli, a better experience for em than the last time when grey ghost got the slices.

the time passed and 10, 1030 came, not so many people showed up. we dragons decided to play first, we played a solid five song set, we kind of peaked during the fourth song – brand new. luckily we recorded the show, so even though there wasn’t much monetary reward, at least we documented it.

last chance for the loneliest kitten played a set after us. last chance is joshua smith on saxophone and electronics and kurt kotheimer on bass and electronics. they play real loose style improvisation while manipulating pre-recorded cassette tapes; lots of layers, lots of different sounds.

i’ve seen alot of clevelanders lately, especially josh, but that will change as he & kurt are moving out west in just a few days here.


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