radio : drums : max/msp 9-28-2004

did a show at the hotti biscotti. this is a small bar/cafe on fullerton avenue in logan square run by the syska brothers ken and richard. the series is booked by rotten milk, who also does a weekly at the buddy gallery. amanda guttierez, steve hess and i decided to play together again. amanda on the radio, steve on a few drums and myself doing some work on soundfiles and live samples of steve with max/msp. we had a played a few weeks back at the myopic bookstore and i felt that this set went a bit better. by using just the computer it’s much easier to be part of a sound environment & i felt more part of the group. i had a bit of trouble getting a good signal on my mic from steve as he was playing very quietly, so it was dificult at times to get a nice build going, but overall we were listening to each other and some good music happened. at one point my cell phone started ringing – i thought i’d turned it off – luckily i recently changed my ring to a more normal tone (before it was the robo nx-1) so it wasn’t too intrusive. it was jen calling, and the funny thing was the first thing she said on her message was “i hope you remembered to turn off your ringer if you’re playing a set right now”.

the other set of the night was jake elliott, brian labycz and vadim sprikut. they each played laptop, and the music was good – some crisp sound environment sound mixed with minimal synthesized sounds.

before i left to catch the bus, rotten milk was talking about how it woul dbe great to have chicago laptop musician action figures. he suggested todd carter with special pot smoking action, aram shelton with signature wisecrack phrases, and others. but the main stipulation on all the action figures is that they be hunched over a laptop – ah, signs of the times –

on friday dragons 1976 hit the road for about 10 days…


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