nick broste quintet at hungry brain 9-26-2004

Ah, it was Sunday night and that means time to play at the Hungry Brain, a cozy bar near the intersection of Western Ave and Belmont on the north side of Chicago. The group I played with this night was the Nick Broste Quintet, which includes me on alto, Kevin Davis on cello, Frank Rosaly on drums and Anton Hatwich on bass. Broste plays the trombone and has written the music which we play in the group. We played the first set of the night, the second played by the quintet Herculaneum. The thing with the Broste Quintete is that it never seems that we can get together to practice, and many gigs feel like the first.

However, we had a fine night, there was a good turnout, though what was strange was the fact that there was a small crowd of goth folk there – this one girl looked liked an evil pixie. That’s one trait of the Brain, you never really know what the crowd will be like – there’s pretty much always a steady crowd of people who are really into the music being played and one night there will be lots of listeneres, but then another night you could get all talkers. Last night there were a few talkers, but most were listeners and some were shush-ers. The best thing about the Brain is that it can be a real nice hang – there’s always someone to talk to about what you’ve been up to, as lots of musicians go there.


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