duo: shelton & shevitz at 3030 9-23-2004

Fred at 3030

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tonight i played with shevitz at the 3030. we were kind of asked last minute to fill in a set to go along with the duo of bruce lamont (who plays in yakuza) and fred lonberg-holm (in the picture). shevitz brought his vibes and some cymbals and a snare drum, while i brought my alto and computer. we played an all improvised set, and i used the computer to record bits of the vibraphone. the gain on the mic i used had to be cranked, so it was also picking up some of my sound and the drums. we played about an hour, i was most happy with the last bit of improvising we did – i recorded something shevitz was playing into 8 different short files of different length and played them back at different speeds, thus making the harmonies a bit more complex. i also threw some of the files into reverse to create a nice loopy atmosphere which shevitz and i found ways to improvise over.

bruce and fred played next – Bruce also plays saxophone, he plays it through an effects rig, lots of delay and controlled feedback. Fred was using at least 6 pedals with his cello, getting some really great layers of sound over time.

it was a nice night, and made me want to do more experimenting with using the vibraphone as a sound source for computer manipulation.


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