rolldown at empty bottle 9-21-2004

Another night, another show – this one at the Empty Bottle with the group Rolldown, led by jason adasiewicz on vibraphone. The rest of the group is me on alto and bass clarinet, josh berman on cornet, jason roebke on bass and frank rosaly on drums. I wasn’t originally in this group, keefe jackson was, but keefe decided he didn’t want to do it, so shevitz asked me to fill in the reed role. it was tuesday night, part of the jazz series they have there, mostly on tuesday nights, but wednesdays as well. unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a crowd to speak of, though this has kind of been a problem many times that i’ve played the bottle recently. i’m starting to think that people don’t want to go to the bottle cause they don’t want to pay a cover charge, other places where this music is happening in town, the hungry brain, hideout, myopic, etc…there is never a cover, as the places can only ask for donations due to city licensing. why pay a cover when you can go see people for a less amount of money on a different night of the week?

regardless, we played two sets and the music was good in both, though personally i was struggling with the bass clarinet which i have had on loan from someone for more than six months now (the thing is is that it is a student model horn in serious need of some repair, but i know that as soon as i get it fixed, someone’s going to want it back. by the way – thank you to dan saylers for letting me use this thing for so long.) the music is of the slow burning energy kind, with alot of improvisation which can move the written music -which is nicely rooted in jazz with chord structures and harmonies – to all kinds of spaces.

after we played, we all hung out for a bit, i talked to berman about trying to figure out places to have some special events. i think a thursday night series at a bar would be really great, but we will have to find a place.


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