grey ghost & birth in grand rapids 9-19-2004

after the late night cookie session we all slept in. when i woke up i heard joshua and his parents talking with their nephew, who is about two years old i think. we had a nice breakfast of blueberry muffins and eggs; which is actually something that my mom usually makes when i visit her in florida. it took us longer than expected to get out of town as we were waiting for joe tomino and jeremy bleich form birth to get to josh’s house with the van they were riding in. in the meantime josh, johnathan & i all worked on reason for a bit , it’s a new program for us all – we spent a little time learning how to use the sequencers & the synths. we finally got on the road to grand rapids, and it was a nice drive – but it was longer than i thought it would be originally, took us about 5 hours or so. by the time we got to the DAAC (where we played) there was already a full house, which was a good surprise. grey ghost got our set going pretty quickly after the van with joe & jeremy got there (we had put some of our things in their van so josh could ride with us as there weren’t any chairs in the back of their van) and our set felt really good. the audience was also good – the space was set up with chairs and the folks really paid attention to us. afterwards alot of people were complimentary and we sold some cds, hopefully we’ll be able to go back sometime relatively soon.

johnathan & i left pretty quickly after birth finished their set – the drive back to chicago was about 3 hours, not so bad. about halfway i took over the wheel and didn’t have to much trouble staying awake but every now and then felt a little eye closing happen. we got into chicago around 2:30. the boys from birth didn’t get in until around 5, that’s pretty rough.


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