grey ghost & birth in cleveland 9-18-2004

this weekend grey ghost hit the road – who is grey ghost? it is me playing saxophone and using a computer for live sampling, manipulation and other things along with johnathan crawford playing drums and the kawai analog synth.

we left on saturday afternoon from chicago and drove to cleveland ohio. it took us longer than expected as coming out of chicago we took some strange route through the southeast side because there were signs telling us that the skyway was congested. that route was allright, we got to see parts of the city we’d never seen before – we travelled underneath the green line el tracks and saw strange buildings and churches, there’s lots of poverty down there.

on the road to cleveland we made the mistake of stopping at the woodwind and brasswind – it was hard to get to there from the highway. inside, the place seemed like guitar center – lots of salesman, but things not really laid out in a way conducive to running in and picking up something little. and me there to get some reeds…no salesman was available to help me get those, which seemed ridiculous, so after about 10 minutes we split.

we got to the asterisk gallery around 9 o’clock, the show was supposed to start around ten, but unfortunately the turnout was low, and while waiting for people to show up, we delayed the start until about 1030 or so. we played a good set – almost all improvised, with some snippets of songs we’ve done before. the set was a continuous flow, and we had a good amount of variation in dynamics & timbres. kind of a clinical evaluation, but basically the set felt very good, but unfortunatley we didn’t get to record it.

there was a long break before birth played – johnathan and i got a slice at this little deli nearby, the people that work there have attitude, the style that happens when you really hate your job and have to deal with people all the time. but the pizza was pretty good,

birth played there set, they seemed to get more into it as the set progressed, afterwards we all listened to some records and drank pbr. we stayed at joshua smith’s parents’ house – there were chocolate chips and oatmeal cookies for a snack, i think we went to bed a bit after 4…..


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