second citizens at hideout 9-13

so last night the second citizens returned to the Hideout.who are the second citizens? keefe jackson on a variety of reeded instruments, normally tenor saxophone, but sometime bass clarinet or baritone saxophone; josh berman on cornet; fred lonberg-holm on cello; anton hatwich on bass and frank rosaly on drums. I play alto saxophone in the group. we’ve been playing at the hideout somewhat regularly the last few months, the idea is that we’ll play two mondays a month, but it’s been a bit spotty as sometimes some of us are out of town & other times another event has been already booked by a the owner of the place. but, hopefully we’ll be able to steady thinds up and make it a routine.

the music is free jazz with rhythm & melody and no rules on the improvisations. last night wasn’t the best crowd we’ve had but was a good time. i invited people to come help me celebrate my birthday (which is on the 14th), and had johnathan crawford and rotten milk do some djing in between the sets.

the evening started pretty mellow with just a few people trickling in before we played the first set around 10:30. the set started out well, but it seemed that maybe we played on too many songs without any rhythm involved as the energy waned as we got past the 45 minute mark. by the time we finished that set more people had showed up and it felt more like a birthday party – rotten milk played the dance music & the hiphop, people had drinks & ate the brownies that jen brought (no, they weren’t pot brownies – but everyone kept asking).

we played a late second set and kept it on the shorter side, but that didn’t keep people from trickling out – it’s definitely tough to have people stay out for two sets on a monday night, the weekend is long dead and people have to work in the morning.

anton and i closed out the bar with the folk who work there and that was the end of the night – not a bad one at all.


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