day two

the fury of hurricane frances Posted by Hello

tomorrow i go to florida for the weekend. I’ll be visiting my folks in palm city, where they just got hit by a hurricane, hurricane frances. It was the first time in a long time that a hurricane hit our part of the state, which is surprising as we live on the eastern seaboard, right in the middle of the state. i’ve always felt that Florida is unusually lucky when it comes to hurricanes, it’s right in the middle of the bowling pins of the carribean islands, but i guess it’s tough for a hurricane to hit a strike. Frances wasn’t really that powerfull, but it was really big. It started hitting my folks place early saturday and was still hitting it late sunday. the eye passed over our home town, but the news media kept their focus on west palm beach and vero beach, two places each 40 miles away. the killer picture of the Z-28 up above is something i found that got messed up by the hurricane…. now that really shows the fury of a hurricane. If my ride got messed up like that, i’d definitely leave that state. Now, it’s not that I have a ride. And, I already left that state. Actually a main reason why I moved to chicago was so I could not worry about needing a car. And here I am 5 years later, still with no car and feeling fine about it…


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